Institute for Society and Communication

NGO ‘Institute for Society and Communication’ is a young non-profit organization founded in 2018. We are a group of enthusiastic people from Zaporizhzhia who have previously won and coordinated different international projects. We have decided to join our forces to achieve higher results and have a stronger positive impact on the community.

Our main spheres of expertise include journalism and media literacy, interactive methods of teaching, promotion of multilingualism and tolerance, civil society development, translation. As an NGO, we have wide networks as we frequently organize and deliver summer schools for different groups (schoolchildren, students, teachers) and also have a rich experience in holding large-scale events. Three of our members are PhD holders and specialize in Media Studies, Linguistics, Translation Studies. To be on top of things, we participate in different academic and social events held in Ukraine and abroad. All of the NGO members are proficient speakers of English.

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