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Summer schools for bloggers and citizen journalists 2019

Літня школа молодих журналістів – це унікальна можливість для української молоді за 10 днів отримати максимум знань та навичок журналістики.

Що тут дійсно буде:

  • Нові друзі
  • Круті тренери
  • Захоплива атмосфера
  • Веселі вечори та вечірки
  • Подорожі та екскурсії
  • Критичне мислення
  • Фото і відео
  • Інтерв’ю
  • Бази даних
  • Інфографіка
  • Власний медійний проект

Чого тут не буде: лекцій, оцінок, сумного настрою.

Summer schools for bloggers and citizen journalists 2018

“The Summer Schools for Bloggers and Citizen Journalists” was a joint German-Ukrainian project implemented in Ukraine in 2018 in partnership with NGO ‘Interlink Academy’ under the umbrella of the Federal Foreign Office (Germany).

The project concentrated on developing youth’s skills in media literacy and turning them into thoughtful users and active producers of media. The 10-day summer schools for the total of 95 participants were held in 4 different regions of Ukraine (Zaporizhzhia, Poltava, Chernivtsi, and Sumy). The participants learnt about the local media landscape, journalism ethics, photo and video editing, website creation, went to local media outlets and developed their own media projects.

American English Laboratory 2018

The joint American-Ukrainian project was coordinated by the NGO director, Oleksandra Golovko. The project included two stages:

1) equipping a classroom with English and America-related teaching aids and cutting-edge technology to deliver History of English and America-related courses in interactive ways to promote the interest of students and their higher awareness of the disciplines;

2) delivering seminars and a summer school to school and university teachers on CLIL methodology, multilingual education, interactive methods of teaching, critical and creative thinking skills development.